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Saturday, October 9, 2004


hey, if you want to join my super emo band with me and joe in it, then post a reply.

2:29PM - my crappy week

so this week has probably been the worst week in my life. I think Steph wants to break up with me, but i dont know if it has happened yet. She said she has to think about it and what not. Yeah, her just thinking that she wants to break up scares me, but oh well. So right now I'm in super emo mode and disguising myself from the world, which means I'm super depressed... See ya'll later, I'm going to go to cafeJam with Joe and Mike.

Current mood: crushed

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

12:40PM - HOWIE DAY!!!! (or whatever)

OMG, I like, love Howie Day. He is soooo my idol, not! I dont even know who he is, but whatever. I think I'll right a song about it because I'm emo.

Sunday, October 3, 2004

3:44PM - my weekend

so heres how my weekend went,
On Friday night I got off work early to go see steph and see if she wanted to do somthing but she left a messege and said she was going to eat dinner which is cool, so I went home and went to bed.
On Saturday I wanted to hang out with her again but she went to the Queen city for a screen testing for disney or somthing, which is cool, again. So I called her when she got home to see if she wanted to still go to the Beverage Gallery and she said she might go, but she would go see a movie with her family.
And on Sunday, which is today, I'm worrying about what her decision will be if she still wants to date me or end it, but thats ok, I'm letting her get all the time she needs because I want her to make a smart choice. Speaking of smart, virginia is right next to me saying smart things. Anyway, thats my weekend in a nutshell, enjoy.

Current mood: emo

Sunday, September 26, 2004

1:32AM - Missin my boo, heh heh

Hey, its like a minute after i wrote that last entry and i didnt think i should put this one together with it because its not gay. I just want people to know how much i miss my Stephenie. It's been one week today since we've seen each other and we haven't talked much on the phone because of what happened and all. I just want to let you know if you're reading this that I really miss you and I love you a whole lot, and that I'm here for you. That might not seem much but it's all i can really do...

Love you

1:24AM - more of that gayness that the world can do without

ok, so today me, Joe, and cory went to Greensboro to do some shopping, well, my parents did and we tagged along. I wanted to go into Verizon to see if they had an adapter to my phone. Well, when we walked in there a salesman walked up to us and said in his high pitched lisped voice "what can I do for you today?" Ok, two things wrong with that statement, the fact he talked to us and what that sentence really means. So anyway, some other stuff happened in that day, we went to play putt putt and there were these two guys who got "excited" over a "hole in one", yeah, you know what i'm talking about. There are more gay things in this world, like your girlfriends ex-boyfriend, no specific names, Ryan Smells.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

3:21PM - People who misspell my name.

This entry is dedicated to all the people who misspell my name (one person). Hey STEPH, my name is spelled LIONELL not Lionelle. haha, get it right.

Current mood: bored

3:15PM - gay people

Gay people suck. I was walking down the street one day and this gay person comes up to me and says "hey cute stud, want a lolipop?" So I was like "no way man" and hes like "oh come on" and then i punched him in the face and ran. The moral of this story is: Dont talk to gay people or people who wear shirts that look like they would cut off circulation to the arms. This story is not true for one reason, I dont walk, I drive.

Current mood: bored

Sunday, September 19, 2004

7:37PM - Second Entry

So this is my second entry, it is so cool.... Anyway, my day was good, my girlfriend is busy with hello dolly so I've been sitting on my butt around the house, but who cares. School tomorrow, it rocks.

Current mood: bitchy

7:30PM - first entry

I'm sooo emo. :( i miss my girlfriend :(